• This is not Truffle Sauce
  • This is not Truffle Sauce

This is not Truffle Sauce

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Our plant-based truffle sauce is perfect for a rich and creamy pasta dish or as a delicious dip. Packed with flavor this sauce is a real winner amongst truffle lovers.

For our animal lovers out there, we use aroma's for this sauce rather than real truffles, so no animals are used to create or source the ingredients in this product!

Ingredients: Water, cashews, mushrooms, olive oil, truffle, corn starch, natural flavor, mustard seeds, fermented soybeans, fermented rice, nutritional yeast, salt, garlic powder, xanthan gum, vitamin b2

Ingrediënten: Water, cashewnoten, paddenstoelen, olijfolie, truffel, maïszetmeel, natuurlijke smaak, mosterdzaad, gefermenteerde rijst, voedingsgist, zout, knoflookpoeder, xanthaangom, vitamine B2

Allergens in bold / Allergenen vetgedrukt

Weight: 135g