When I place my order when will it arrive?

We only deliver on Tuesday and Thursday evenings between 6-10pm. If you place your order before 5pm on Monday it will be delivered Tuesday evening, if you place your order before 5pm on Wednesday you'll receive your delivery Thursday evening. Depending on when you ordered, deliveries will therefore arrive between 2-4 days of the order being placed.

What time of day can I expect my order (I’m getting very hungry)?

Depending on if you placed your order, it will arrive between 6-10pm on Monday or Thursday evening (or both if you're greedy).

Do you ship across the Netherlands?

Yes! This is the one of the main reasons we launched an online site - so our delicious range of plant-based cheeses can be enjoyed across the land of the cheese lovers.

Do you ship outside of the Netherlands?

Not yet but we're working on it!

Why are delivery costs so high?

We are working hard to reduce delivery costs below €7.5 however, we would rather ship responsibly than cause further pollution and environmental degradation. Our delivery partner is CO2 neutral and we sourced recycled and reusable packaging to ship our goods in.

What is the refund policy?

All cases are handled on a case-by-case basis, so reach out to us at for questions around refunds or returns.


Do all your cheeses contain nuts?

Some but we have a decent selection that don’t. All of the ingredient information is displayed on each product.

What allergens are in each cheese?

All of the allergies are displayed on each product.

Do all the cheeses need to kept in the fridge?

Yes absolutely. Just like diary cheese they like to be kept cold! Although we do suggest taking them out of the fridge half an hour before serving - provided you have the required self control (we're working on that)!

You can also freeze our plant-based cheeses.

How long is the shelf life of the cheeses?

It varies depending on the product, however most cheeses we recommend eating within 2 weeks. Once opened they last between 5-7 days. We are conservative on use-by dates so often we just judge it by the smell and taste!


What type of packaging do you use?

All of the packaging your products are delivered in are recycled and reusable - please give them another life! Our delivery partners are CO2 neutral. The packaging for the individual partner varies per supplier.

If we haven’t answered your question above please get in contact via