• Fermaggio - Four Pepper Fresh Cheese

Fermaggio - Four Pepper Fresh Cheese

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Some spicier, some sweeter, the four peppers are blended together to form a perfect balance of flavors. Green, white, pink, and black pepper create a delicious coating for the fresh cashew and macadamia-based Fermaggio's cheese.

Ingredients: cashews 66%, rejuvelac (water, sprouted quinoa, and fenugreek), proportionally ground peppers variable 1% (black pepper, pink pepper, green pepper, white pepper), sea salt.

Ingrediënten: cashewnoten 66%, rejuvelac (water, gekiemde quinoa en fenegriek), gemalen pepers 1% (zwarte peper, roze peper, groene peper, witte peper), zeezout.

May contain traces of other nuts / Kan sporen van andere noten bevatten.

Weight: 90 g