• Black Pepper
  • Black Pepper

Black Pepper

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This cream wheel is coated with high-quality pepper. It's light, spreadable, and tasty! Thanks to its spiciness, it's best paired with a full-body red wine. Made in Switzerland from organic cashew nuts. Fermented using the traditional Swiss cheesemaker method.

Ingredients: Cashew nuts [Vietnam / Burkina Faso] * (64%), water, pepper * (1.7%), rock salt, vegan fermentation cultures (* from certified organic cultivation CH-BIO-086)

Ingrediënten: Cashewnoten [Vietnam / Burkina Faso] * (64%), water, peper * (1,7%), steenzout, veganistische fermentatieculturen (* van gecertificeerde biologische teelt CH-BIO-086)

Allergens in bold / Allergenen vetgedrukt

Weight: 115g