• Yerba - Leek Ash
  • Yerba - Leek Ash

Yerba - Leek Ash

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The Leek ash YERBAkaas is rolled in burned leek ash. This is part of a no-waste cooking strategy at yerba: the softer parts of the leek are used to cook the dishes on the menu and the tough outer leaves and roots are burned on a grill and used for the leek ash YERBAkaas. This way, every part of the plant serves a purpose.

Ingredients: cashew nuts, rice, coconut oil, dried onion, dried garlic, yeast, salt, fermented quinoa, dried leek

Ingrediënten: cashewnoten, rijst, kokosolie, gedroogde ui, gedroogde knoflook, gist, zout, gefermenteerde quinoa, gedroogde prei

Allergens in bold / Allergenen vetgedrukt

Weight: 100g