Hubert and Heidi Hausherr work on their family estate in Eguisheim, a historic village south-west of the town of Colmar in Alsace. Certified organic and biodynamic (Demeter), they work in harmony with nature and their environment. The domain has a very rich biodiversity and they use a horse instead of a tractor. Hausherr wines are labeled by their daughters.

They are winegrowers, proud to develop their own wines from their own vines and proud to work them in a true ecological approach, respectful of the vine and its environment. The quality of the soil is the foundation of agriculture and creates the most beautiful natural wines when respected.

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In order to preserve it, we work our vines with our draft horse or quite simply by hand, exclusively! 
Their organic and biodynamic approach completes this respect for the soil.

This quality environment provides our vines with balanced development and natural resistance to climatic and parasitic aggressions ... and a plant that lives healthily gives healthy fruit!

The grapes are harvested by hand and pressed in a manual vertical press to preserve the quality of the fruit. Our work in the vineyard greatly contributes to the good balance of the organic grapes and therefore of the juices, which prevents them from adding anything. What a natural wine!

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