• Dassemus - Rode Brut

Dassemus - Rode Brut

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This is a rare sparkling red from the local favorite:  beautiful organic winery Dassemus ( Brabant, NL). Made from Cabernet Jura grape, it unfolds its typical fruity twist as this rare gem immediately shows its texture in the mouth. Sparkling, fresh, fruity, dry, funky, and honest. The wine has experienced second fermentation according to the traditional champagne-making method including hand rotation. Spice up your holidays or any other reason to celebrate with this rare natural red brut. 
Sold out and not in production anymore. Get it while you still can! 


Name Red Brut
Vineyard Dassemus
Owner Ron Langeveld
Location Chaam (North Brabant)
Grape variety Cabernet Jura
Content 75cl
Alcohol percentage 12%