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  • Beetroot Fusilli
  • Beetroot Fusilli

Beetroot Fusilli

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Who doesn’t know fusilli! This much-loved pasta shape from Southern Italy has a versatile shape, with grooves along the side that will soak up any sauce. Coupled with the flavour of beetroot, they are a perfect match for salads and for many creamy and hearty dishes. This pasta is full of red betalains (colour pigment) that will bring a funky red colour to your plate. Fusilli were originally developed in Southern Italy by rolling fresh pasta strips around a thin rod and letting them dry.

The vegetables used for their pasta come from local farmers who cannot get rid of part of their harvest. Because there is too much of it, or because the vegetables are not beautiful enough. In this way, Veggihap, together with growers, saves vegetables from waste. VeggiPasta is rich in vegetable proteins, dietary fiber, slow carbohydrates and is full of vitamins and minerals. So VeggiPasta is not only good for the food chain, but also for you. One thing we know for sure: this nutritious pasta creates a color sensation on your plate. Enjoy!

Ingredients: Organic spelt (gluten), beetroot (beetroot puree, dehydrated beetroot), wheat protein (gluten), konjac fibre

Ingrediënten: Biologische spelt (gluten), rode biet (puree van rode biet, gedroogde rode biet), tarwe-eiwit (gluten), konjac-vezel

Allergens in bold / Allergenen vetgedrukt

Weight: 250g