• Ash & Pepper Camemberti
  • Ash & Pepper Camemberti

Ash & Pepper Camemberti

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This Camembert alternative is one of the most popular cheeses in Amsterdam! It's understandable! Who can resist its fluffy coat, its creamy heart paired with smoky and spicy flavors? We admit it, not us. Completely organic, this beauty is healthy for us and for the planet.

Ingredients: organic cashew nuts, water, sea salt, black pepper, active vegetable charcoal, vegan starter cultures, vegan P. camemberti

Ingrediënten: organisch cashewnoten, water, zout, zwarte peper, plantaardige actieve kool, veganistische starterculturen, veganistische P. Camemberti

Allergens in bold / Allergenen vetgedrukt

Weight: 138g