• Ferme de la Motte - Organic Pear Cider

Ferme de la Motte - Organic Pear Cider

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This type of cider, made from pear, was once considered the King’s champagne. It’s nowadays pretty hard to find! On the contrary to its cousin the apple, the pear is a slow crop. You plant it for the next generation. They say that a pear tree takes 100 years to grow, 100 years to give fruits, and 100 years to die. The trees have almost been wiped out of Normandy during the big storm of 1999. Only a few people dedicated to perpetuating the family tradition stubbornly plant them back. This product deserves its protected name Poiré Domfront. 

The forgotten beverage is the perfect drink for celebrations. With its well-balanced acidity, fine bubbles, unique freshness, and a savory flavor, Poiré is coming back!

La ferme de la Motte is a family farm that still produces the traditional way. Organic fruits are grown from silvopasture, the most efficient way to trap carbon into the ground. Ciders are then produced following traditional methods: hand-picked organic fruits, naturally fermented and nothing else added. Being one of the only organic farms of the region, they deeply care about the environment and perpetuating their heritage.

4.5% - 75cl