• New Roots - La Cotta
  • New Roots - La Cotta

New Roots - La Cotta

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The airy and light plant-based alternative to ricotta. The structure is impressive, making it the most realistic one on the market. Fluffy, fresh, slightly tangy, this is perfect for cooking your favorite Italian dish or simply eating it with crackers.

Made in Switzerland from organic cashew nuts, fermented using traditional Swiss cheesemakers.

Ingredients: Cashew nuts [Vietnam / Burkina Faso] * (55%), water, rock salt, vegan fermentation cultures *. (* From certified organic cultivation CH-BIO-086)

Ingrediënten: Cashewnoten [Vietnam / Burkina Faso] * (55%), water, steenzout, veganistische fermentatieculturen *. (* Van gecertificeerde biologische teelt CH-BIO-086)

Allergens in bold / Allergenen vetgedrukt

Weight: 120g